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Firefox 釋出

有在使用 Firefox 的朋友,現在可以在「說明」->「檢查更新」中更新 Firefox 到 版本囉,這個版本主要是 security updates。


根據 Firefox 官方的 Release Notes, 修正了下列幾個安全性問題:

  • MFSA 2007-07 Embedded nulls in location.hostname confuse same-domain checks
  • MFSA 2007-06 Mozilla Network Security Services (NSS) SSLv2 buffer overflow
  • MFSA 2007-05 XSS and local file access by opening blocked popups
  • MFSA 2007-04 Spoofing using custom cursor and CSS3 hotspot
  • MFSA 2007-03 Information disclosure through cache collisions
  • MFSA 2007-02 Improvements to help protect against Cross-Site Scripting attacks
  • MFSA 2007-01 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:

同時也更新了在 Windows Vista 中無法將 Firefox 設定成預設瀏覽器的問題。

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