Zoto 3.0 不再支援免費帳號


以前介紹過 Zoto 這個網路相簿,結果剛看到這篇文章,Zoto 雖然宣佈推出 3.0 版本,但同時也宣告了不再支援免費帳號了,以下是節錄文章的內容:

When we upgrade sometime toward the end of the year, all existing free accounts will be required to upgrade their account to a paying account. We appreciate all of our users, and we would like to extend a limited time offer on upgrading your accounts for $9.95/year. Normal signups after the release will be raised to $29.95, and if you signed up for a pro account before the upgrade, we will be giving you a free year on top of what you’ve already purchased, and offering you another year’s service on top of that for $4.95.
For those of you not wishing to upgrade your accounts, we will be providing a download link that will allow you to download all of your images off Zoto. The downloads will be available for 3 months after our release. After that, your old account and images will be removed from the system.

除了強迫你要升級才能用以外,舊帳號也會在 3.0 release 的 3 個月後被關閉,看來原本有使用 zoto 相簿的使用者該是搬家的時候了 XD